Hj. Sariffudin Mohd Yusop,

started his career as a government servant in the postal services for 15 years before taking the challenge to venture into the Malaysian's business world in realization of numerous opportunities. Responsible in the establishment of many companies, the Executive Chairman has set up Pensera Sdn Bhd in September 1993 solely focusing on Facilities Management and Telecommunication in order to move forward as the market and opportunities grow.

Hjh. Asne bte Osman

holds 49% share of the company and has almost 26 years of experience in food catering business. Love and food has somehow become synonym which best describes her, so much so she has contributed a substantial amount of great deeds to the community through what she does best. Known for her high perseverance and entrepreneurship qualities, has led the company to flourish with her constant support, to leading a promising future.